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Nontoxic Solutions
For Toxic Problems

We manufacture the most powerful, nontoxic cleaning products available. Our military and professional-grade product lines set new standards for disinfection and decontamination. No product on the market offers more:

Biological Disinfection & Chemical Decontamination In One
Not only do our products provide best-in-class disinfection and mold control, they break down odors, stains, and chemical toxins into harmless components.

Long-Lasting Benefits
Our products create a fungistatic barrier that prevents recolonization of bacteria, mold, and viruses for over 21 days.

Green Clean Certified
Neosan Labs is committed to environmental safety and sustainability. Our entire line is eco-friendly, nontoxic, noncorrosive, and 100% safe for humans, animals, and plants.

Save time and money by using a high-impact, broad-spectrum product with the equipment you already own, at fractions of a cent per square foot.

$316.54 - $395.68
$316.54 - $395.68
$303.07 - $378.84
$464.47 - $580.59