Pre-order Terms & Conditions

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We do our best to ensure we keep an adequate inventory of our faster moving products. From time to time some higher volume products may be temporarily out of stock due to the inability of our suppliers to fulfill our orders, transit times, seasonal events or unexpected increases in sales volumes.

Often these products have already been ordered from our suppliers and are in transit. Our website will list a product as in stock up to 7 days before the estimated time of arrival.

Pre-order items are items that are not available and/or are currently sold-out in our inventory at the time you place the order. When an inventory item is temporarily out of stock or it is a non-stocked item our website automatically changes the add to cart button to a pre-order button.

Being able to pre-order items allows us to:

  • Ensure our customer know what products are in-stock at the time of their order
  • Source and offer for sale a wider range of products for our customers.
  • Offer non-stocking product for sale to our customer which allows customers to order in lower-volume high-value items that are not cost-effective for us carry in our inventory. Lower inventory holding costs mean that lower-volume high-value items can be priced at lower margins.

Please make sure you have read and understood all the conditions written here before submitting your preorders.

Details, Terms, and Conditions:

If the product is a low volume item that we do not carry in our inventory a down payment OR full payment may be required for preordered items.

  • When paying by credit card: We will capture your credit card when you place the order. We will authorise the payment on your card when have confirmed the order has been fulfilled by our supplier. 
  • When paying by direct deposit a down payment of 20% OR full payment may be required. We will inform you within 48 hours of placing your pre-order.
Estimated Date of Arrival: This is based on the availability of the item and shipping schedule of our selected freight companies.
    • Where possible and it is cost-effective to do so we will source the product from Australian suppliers. Allow approximately 2 to 7 days arrival from the date of your order.
    • Items that are sourced from U.S. Sea freight is approximately 45 to 60 days arrival from date of order. Air freight is approximately 7 to 14 days arrival from date of order.
    • Once we have confirmed the availability of the item from our suppliers and established the shipping cost and transit times, we may give you the option of shipping your product by air freight. Extra charges may apply.
    • When you place your preorder we will inform you of the expected time of arrival. We will keep you informed in regards to any significant changes in the estimated time of arrival of your order

    Cancellation: Preordered products are considered sold. Down payments are not refundable & cannot be exchanged for other tools/items/services.

    When ordered items arrived. Buyers have 14 days to settle their unpaid balance. Or we have the right to offer the product for sale to other interested buyers. No refund policy applies.

    If in case, your ordered product/s did not arrive, we will give you the option to cancel your order and refund your down payment in full.

    Pre-orders without any payment made will be automatically canceled.

    All pre-order products are considered SOLD & FINAL: no returns/exchange/cancellation after payment is made. If you do not want your product we can list your item for resale as per the terms of our used equipment sale agreement.

    For customers who expect immediate delivery of pre-order items, to avoid frustration and misunderstanding, we highly recommend you do not place a pre-order. We would greatly appreciate your kind understanding and consideration in regards to the timeline for expected arrival & delivery.

    Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.