Wool Rug Care

Few rug owners / rug lovers will trust their hand-made rugs to someone they view as only a carpet cleaner. It is not necessary to know the origins of a rug in order to properly clean it. But knowing such things will certainly increase your potential client’s confidence level in you and your services.

While there are some rug cleaning instructors who would try to convince you that you need to become an expert in rug weaving and travel the world to really understand how to clean rugs, the truth is, if you can tell the difference between natural and synthetic fibers, understand something of the rug’s construction and have a little background in the chemistry of cleaning, you are most of the way there.

It is critical to identify a few basic characteristics of any area rug you clean. You should be able to identify the face fiber, the backing or foundation yarns, the color stability of the fiber, the construction type of the rug, and the overall condition of the rug and fringes before the rug is removed from the house.

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