Training & Marketing

Continuing Education is Your Edge in a Competitive Industry

We provide independent industry-leading training for contractors, buy partnering with training providers that offer a wide range of certified and hands-on courses.

We've been facilitating training contractors for decades and have seen the many benefits education brings to companies that take it seriously. The companies that invest in education grow faster than their peers, have reduced liability, and better employee retention.

Our goal is to partner with you in the success and growth of your organisation by facilitating high-quality education which will result in:

  • Increased competitiveness
  • Increased productivity
  • Ability to provide diversified services
  • Improved satisfaction and motivation of staff
  • Professional conduct and attitude
  • Decreased liability, a better final product, and satisfied clients who will refer you and call again
  • Increased safety for you, your employees, your customers and the environment

Why Choose Us?

  • Independent
  • Top instructors with real-life experiences
  • Instructors who have a passion for what they do and want to pass that along to their students
  • We provide a comfortable and fun environment where students can concentrate on learning
  • Maximum hands-on opportunities in each class
  • The widest variety of training subjects and exclusive classes you won't find anywhere else