About us

We are the only true one stop shop in Australia for professional carpet cleaners and restorers.

We continue to source the highest quality products available locally and from overseas to help you make your business more successful.

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Truckmount Equipment

Our truckmount suppliers are world leaders. This year saw Hydramaster continue it’s dominance with the Boxxer series. The units have been embraced by the market as they offer incredible performance features while enhancing HydraMaster’s reputation of building affordable rugged, reliable systems that last longer are easy-to-use and simple-to-maintain.

Razorback Portables

Our Razorback portables are made by us in house that way we can ensure we keep control over design, enervation and quality of components and manufacturing.  Not all portables were created equal, Razorback portable come with a host of new and improved futures not found on any other Australian made portable. Recently added to the Razorback line are a range of enervative, quality lightweight imported machines that are keenly prices for the entry level market.

Drying and Restoration Equipment

Dri-Eaz and Pheonix lead the way in drying and restoration equipment and are the world's the primary source for technical information on restorative drying. Dri-Eaz and Phoenix continue to provide innovative products and technical information to help you become more successful.

Cleaning Chemicals

We provide you with premium cleaning chemicals and are one of the only suppliers to offer a complete product line that meets all of your carpet cleaning, restoration and upholstery cleaning needs. Put our chemical line to the test - our chemicals will out-perform anything else you have tried. Our range from own Carpet Cleaners Warehouse brand, Bridgepoint, Hydramaster, Pro’s Choice, Unsmoke, OdorX , and more are chosen because they are highly effective and save you time and money. Quality and value are the keys for the success of the professional cleaner. Our accessories suppliers Bridgepoint, Hydroforce, Hydramaster, Dri-Eaz, PMF/CMP, Razorback and Damweld just to name a few are dedicated to bringing to the industry the best that there is to offer and strive to perfect their products in every way.

Parts and Servicing

Malfunctioning tools and equipment are a liability, not an asset, and must be repaired as soon as possible. Carpet Cleaners Warehouse understands that down time means lost opportunities that can make or break your business. We keep the largest range of spare parts in the industry and we don’t just stock parts for our own brand names. Our technicians are able to diagnose 99% of problems for just about any brand of equipment over the phone, we have the part that you need in stock, and dispatch it on the same day. Our list of authorised service agents continues to grow.

Partners in Your Business' Success

That spot that won’t come out, the mysterious discoloration, the odour that won’t go away: Getting solutions for your customers’ needs quickly enhances your business and your professional image. We understand the need for you to get solutions for your customers as quickly as possible. We are your source of technical information and advice and will be there when you need quick answers.

Carpet Cleaners Warehouse will also be there during the planning process of you business. We can help you make wise strategic decisions relative to your business, help you decide how best to achieve your strategies for growth and help you to avoid costly mistakes.

The carpet cleaning industry is changing at a very rapid pace. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what is required to perform at a professional level and many of them are willing to pay a premium for that service.

As our chosen field of cleaning and restoration grows and becomes increasingly complex, training will continue to be one of the best investment you can make. Carpet Cleaners Warehouse continues to foster relationships with independent training schools. For this reason when you attend a training school at Carpet Cleaners Warehouse you don’t get two days of “how good our products are”, you get two days of training.

Dedication is what we are really all about. We are dedicated to bring to this industry the best products and service that there is to offer. We strive to perfect our business in every way. Rather than thinking of us as just a supplier, consider us as a partner that can play an important role in your success. We really do live up to our slogan “Your partners in cleaning and restoration success”.

If you have comments or suggestions we welcome them. Feel free to contact us on 1800 68 68 69.

RTA Number: AU54590