What is the Grandi Groom Carpet Rake?

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Original blog published on Aramsco.com by author Drew Crawford on Aug 26th 2022

Like many carpet rakes, the Grandi Groom Carpet Rake's purpose is to rake up dirt, debris, and pet hair that has settled beneath the surface of the carpet fiber.

Vacuuming typically removes any dirt and debris resting on the surface of the fibers, but in order to reach everything underneath that gets pushed to the bottom by foot traffic, you need a carpet rake. 

The greatest difference between the Grandi Groom and other carpet rakes is its 1.37m (54-inch) wooden handle and its 45.7cm (18-inch) head. Years ago we made the Grandi Groom with a plastic handle in order to make it easier to ship (the handle came in pieces that could be screwed together), but we would receive complaints for customers that would break the plastic handle of the rake while using it.

To address this issue the manufacturer redesigned the rake with a long wooden handle that will last much longer without breaking. The rake is almost 30.5cm (5 ft) long so that it can cover a large range of floor, along with the surface area of the head. The length of the rake and size of the head will make it possible to cover the floor with a lower number of passes. 

Combined with vacuuming and cleaning, a Grandi Groom Carpet Rake can restore your carpet to the closest possible to being brand new in between visits from your professional cleaner. 


Who Can Use the Grandi Groom Carpet Rake?

The Grandi Groom doesn't require much background knowledge to effectively use.
...All carpet cleaners should absolutely have a carpet rake in their truck. Carpet cleaners should use the Grandi Groom to pull up any hair and debris prior to vacuuming (you should always vacuum every appointment). Once you have done this, you should work in prespray with the carpet rake prior to cleaning. After cleaning, you should work in carpet protector into the fibers with the rake.

How to Use a Carpet Rake?

Carpet rakes are one of the easiest tools to use. Follow these steps when raking your carpet:

1. Before vacuuming use a push/pull motion and rake deep into the fibers. This loosens dirt, debris, and trapped pet hair.

2. Vacuum the carpet. This will remove all of the debris that you have pulled up. 

3. After vacuuming, you can fluff the carpet and rake it into a uniform pattern giving it a clean, fresh appearance.

4. Professional cleaners should follow the same steps with the Grandi Groom Carpet rake, but use the rake to agitate prespray into the carpet and to apply a carpet protector. 

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