URINE TREATMENT WORKSHOP - Carpet Cleaners Warehouse, Bayswater, VIC.

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Carpet Cleaners Warehouse would like to invite you to attend our exclusive FREE workshop on Pet Odour removal.

Learn how to use a range of products to remove this common issue.

Unlike other odors you may be called upon to eliminate, urine is more than simply an odor control issue or even a stain and odor issue. There is also a health issue. So when treating there are really three issues to deal with - Stain, Odor, and Decontamination. It is important that the homeowner appreciates the seriousness of the problem, urine as it leaves the body and mixes with microorganisms in the carpet fibers, begins to breed bacteria, the uric acid in urine breaks down into ammonia and carbon dioxide.

As the acidic urine reacts with the ammonia that is being created it starts to form alkaline salt crystals, these crystals draw moisture from the air and remain slightly moist and chemically active, they produce ammonia gas as long as they are active. When dried urine has moisture added it will give off more gas. Ammonia gas is one part of the distinctive odor that we associate with urine. So if the bacteria is not eliminated, no amount of deodoriser will fix the smell.


This short workshop is designed to help you identify and find the source of the odor, Then follow a step by step process to eliminate the three issues - Stain, Odor, and Decontamination.




Using our range of professional odor and urine treatments along with full instruction from an industry professional, this is an event you won't want to miss!

Introducing Peter Karaoglanis from Jim's Group, Peter qualified as an automotive mechanical engineer in 1991 training with Nissan Corporation.

Peter then began his first business Pekay Cleaning in the same year, this was a commercial industrial contracting company managing 114 sites daily around Melbourne.

In 2001 Peter was approached by Jim Penman from Jim's group to buy a master franchise in the cleaning division, which he still owns today.

In 2006 an opportunity to become Sales & Marketing manager for Landmark Homes then National Builders’s Group. With an annual sales budget of over $50 million, it taught Peter the importance of developing and implementing marketing strategies.

Peter returned to the Property & Cleaning industry after 8 years with a plan to turn our everyday skills and knowledge into successful marketing strategies that appeal to existing or new clients.

Peter will also be supplying a complimentary marketing booklet to attendees on the day.


Be sure to pencil FRIDAY 16TH AUGUST into your schedule.

Starting at 8 am and running for two hours, with a tasty light breakfast included, its a great way to up your skills and network with your fellow cleaners.

Venue: Unit 1/5 Gatwick Road, Bayswater, Vic 3153.

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Breakfast booking essential - RSVP by 12th August


We look forward to seeing there.