Understanding the Value of Electrostatic Sprayers

Posted by Nick Bredhauer on

To understand the value of electrostatic sprayers, we first need a short science lesson – and there are just two key ideas.

An electrostatic charge refers to an excess or deficiency of electrons – in other words, a negative or positive charge. Opposite charges attract each other, and like charges repel each other like magnets.

Victory Innovations sprayers simply take advantage of this natural electrostatic phenomenon.

The Cordless Electrostatic System uses a charging ring to place a positive charge on whatever liquid is added to the tank. The positively charged particles repel each other, allowing for better and further distribution of liquid. And since most surfaces are negatively charged or neutral, they tend to attract the positively charged particles.

This allows for wraparound effects, which are especially helpful for curved surfaces like doorknobs and table edges.

How Is Electrostatic More Efficient?

 A typical trigger sprayer, which expels liquid via a manual pump, typically takes about three times more chemical and three times longer to coat a surface compared with an electrostatic sprayer. That’s because of two things: with a Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayer, the expulsion of the liquid is automated, and the particles are forced apart for further, more even coverage.


How Do The Particles Get Charged?

There are several ways to actually charge the particles in an electrostatic sprayer. Some models charge the particles in the tank, while others place a charging ring at the nozzle, adding an electrostatic charge as the liquid exits the sprayer.

Victory Innovations sprayers use a unique patented charging technology. The charge ring is placed inside of the sprayer, where it adds a positive charge to particles immediately before they exit. This allows for the highest possible charge density and an even distribution of charge, which means the best wrapping performance and most efficient use of chemicals.

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