Proactive Sanitising, Decontamination and Remediation, Mould, Meth, Bio Hazard, Viral Terminal Cleansing

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High-impact, broad-spectrum response to hazardous biological and chemical contamination

Proactive Sanitising, Decontamination and Remediation, Mould, Meth, Bio Hazard, Viral Terminal Cleansing

  • Date:18 November 2020, 9:00am - 2:00pm
  • Location: Carpet Cleaners Warehouse QLD, D1-3/194 Zillmere Road, BOONDALL, QLD 4034
  • Your Trainer:  Phillip McGurk, Australia's only CFO (Certified Forensic Operator) and CBFRS (Certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialist)
  • Cost: $165 Buys you The Training, Lunch and Refreshments and....  Paid attendees will receive a $165 voucher to spend on CCW product on the day... PLUS 1 month FREE access to CARSI membership.


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Take your business to the next level... Provide higher quality services, at a lower cost, to a broader range of customers, using equipment you already own.

Pursuing a high-impact, broad-spectrum response to hazardous biological and chemical contamination, pioneering scientists engineered the most powerful, nontoxic cleaning agents ever created.

Now technology now available in 4 commercial formulations that can be used in individually or in combination across a wide spectrum of chemical and pathological problems

You Will Learn

  • The history behind ground breaking chemical technology
  • Gain an understanding of what decontamination chemicals do and how they work
  • How to choose which chemical to use in what situation
  • How to read a SDS
  • Application methods
    • Sprayers
    • Foamers
    • Foggers
    • Electrostaic
    • Microfibre
    • Tip size, micron size, what to use when and where
  • Risk assessment & mitigation strategies
  • Business growth and sustainability
  • Sales and marketing strategies

Why Attend

  • Expand your knowledge
  • Expand the market you offer to
  • Expand the services you offer to your markets
  • Expand your business
  • Train and or reward your staff
  • Network with like minded professionals

Understanding Your Obligation to Your Business, Clients and Staff

CARSI has been developed to assist small to medium cleaning companies expand their knowledge within the industry.

Remediators are expected to be qualified by education, training, and experience. Remediation workers should be trained in the principles of Water Remediation, Mould Remediation, Fire and Smoke Remediation, and specialized training provided by competent trainers in specialised remediation fields.

Depending on the project, additional training could be required by federal, state, or local laws and regulations. Employees shall be familiar with these requirements and provide training for remediation workers in the recognition and avoidance of hazards they encounter. Employers shall also provide training regarding hazards following the company’s written injury and illness prevention program, if applicable under federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Training can be included, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Physical hazards
  • Chemical hazards
  • Microbial hazards
  • PPE, and
  • Building-regulated regulated substances (e.g., asbestos, silica dust, lead) awareness.