Meet the Team: Zoe Saunders

Posted by Sarah Tait on

If you call our Queensland office you will most likely have had a conversation with Zoe Saunders over the years. Whether you are looking for a product to tackle a job or need a replacement part, Zoe - even for our team - is a bit of walking product catalogue here at Carpet Cleaners Warehouse. 

Get to know Zoe in today's Meet the Team.

How long have you worked at Carpet Cleaners Warehouse (CCW)?

I started in 2012 with PowerClean and stayed on when it was acquired by CCW – so I have been with the group for just over 10 years.

How did you get your start with the industry?

I worked for Munters, in Sydney,  in the late 90’s in their Water Damage Restoration Department and I also ran a building company for 7 years so have always been involved in this type environment. When I started with PowerClean Industries I had a reception role that quickly grew into a more involved role where I gained the knowledge in equipment, chemical and the service/maintenance side of what we do. 

What is your favourite part of your role?

Helping customers as best I can, challenging myself to know as much as I can about what we sell, and never thinking that I know it all.

What is your go to product and why?
Unduz it cause it kicks urine’s butt.

What is the question you get the most from customers and what is the answer?

Carpet Cleaners Top Question
How do I fix urine stains and smells.

Over the years there have been a lot of different products but to date I would recommend ODORx Un-Duz-It Unleashed. Also, invest in a Water Claw - it's a must have for this type of issue.

The key is... you have to make sure you address the source of the urine -  if product does not encounter the source then the bacteria will activate again and the smell will return.

What steps do you tell customers to take to tackle this type of job?

  • Wet the area well with product.
  • Leave it to activate and kill the bacteria that causes the smell.

Restorers Top Question

How to address mould restoration. It is probably hard to describe this process as there is a lot involved and on so many different levels, but Actichem Percide has been a very popular and effective mould eliminator.

What is one of the biggest changes you have seen in the industry?

The growth in the restoration industry and our range to cater to this market.

What is one thing you love to do outside of work? 
I enjoy taking time out and reading, days at the beach with my kids, and coffee.

If you won the lottery what is 1 thing you have always wanted that you would get yourself?

An Aston Martin 😊 and a flash custom makeover of my MX5. Plus help the kids !!