Meet Our Team: Luke Xu

Posted by Sarah Tait on

Today's Meet Our Team spotlight is on Luke Xu, our Service Technician in Victoria (Bayswater North). If you have had a Dehum or Moisture Meter recently, Luke would have been diagnosing, calibrating or repairing your equipment. 

Here is a little more about Luke...

How long have you worked at CCW?   
Just under 2 years

What was your background before entering this industry?   
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning as well as repairing drones

What is your favorite part of your job? 
Repairing technical issues with machines or meters that require extra thought

What is your go to product and why?
If I had to pick one, the Wagner L622 is pretty easy for me to repair so my 'go-to' answer is a little different then if I was 'in the field' of course.

What is the question you get asked the most from customers and how do you answer? 
Which brand is better?
Answer: Depends on your budget, how technical you are & what you are using it for. 

What do you find the most interesting about the industry? 
New technology and learning solutions to fix challenging repairs 

What is one thing you love to do outside of work? 
Going to a good park to spend time with my family

If you won the lottery what is 1 thing you have always wanted that you would get yourself? 
A new car as mine has a lot of damage from driving in Melbourne.