How We Get More Than Just Great Heat From Our Machines

Posted by Toby Bredhauer on

The heat systems on Hydramaster truckmounts are designed a little differently than our competitors. We’re not just after raw heat. We’re looking for MORE heat.

Smooth and Steady

We at Hydramaster believe that a smooth, steady output of hot water is very beneficial in cleaning. If the wand spits out live steam when the operator first picks it up, yet the heat quickly drops, then cleaning will suffer. Blotches, streaks and uneven cleaning will ruin the quality of the cleaning job.

No Heat Spiking

The precision of our heat control system is unmatched at producing a smooth even flow of heat. Other machines can’t match this precision because they use cheaper, more conventional sensors like a bulb and capillary. This type of sensor is very slow acting and it has up to a 25 degree deadband. Our RTD type sensors have a 2 degree deadband and a 1 second response time. A deadband is the range through which an input can be changed without causing an observable response. 25 degrees is not very sensitive. 30 seconds is not very responsive. The result is wide swings in temperature output and heat spiking. There are those competitors that do not even use heat control systems and the heat spiking of these machines is even worse.

Precise Control

Having great heat exchangers is important but having a greatheat control system is just as critical. Added to the precision and fast response timeof our heat sensors is our specially engineered solid-state ADC™ tempcontroller. The ADC™ is the very reliable, very precise “brains” of our heat control system and it’s found only on HydraMaster equipment. The system’s fast response time is critical to squeezing more heat out of the system.

Why More Heat?

Simply put, we achieve more heat because our system comes back online from bypass mode quickly. The bypass controls are activated in seconds, unlike the slow, high deadband reaction of our competitor’s systems. Put another way, when our heat system is in divert-mode (maximum temp) and the water temp drops only 2 degrees, the system resumes heating immediately. Contrast that with our competitors system that takes 30 seconds to come back online and even that reaction may only happen when it drops as much as 25 degrees because of the deadband. Our quicker acting system ensures higher delivered temperatures.

The Engineered Difference

The thing that separates us from our competitors is our ability to apply the latest engineering tools and skills to designing a better machine. Our 14 person inhouse engineering crew is hard at work designing truckmounted equipment that not only works better but is reliable and easy to service.

That’s how we get MORE than just great heat from our machines.