How to Remove Tanning Spray from Carpet

Posted by Sarah Brown on

If you aren't quite sure how tanning spray would end up on carpet - let us explain. There is a 'waiting time' essentially for a spray tan to work and sometimes it is just a matter of when the customer gets their tan done ie if they need to sleep with it on before showering. 

Either way, the product can be transferred to a whole range of spaces within a home, hotel or where ever they travel during that time. 

They could also be doing self tanning at home so it could be on bedroom floors or be tracked through the house too. 

Either way - it is another daily stain our customers are getting asked to help remove. This blog from Tom Forsythe was originally posted on 17 November 2022 and is a nice, easy ready on how to tackle these stains.

Tanning sprays are a combination of oils and dyes that are often difficult to remove.

1.  Do not make any promises or guarantees to your customer if attempting to remove

Note: If the carpet is constructed of olefinpolyester, or triexta fibers, the fibers will have an affinity (an attraction) for oil. Within a few months, oily stains can actually become part of the carpet fiber and will be impossible to remove. This type of carpet must be cleaned frequently. The oils will not bond with nylon fibers as they do with the other fibers.

2. For smaller spots and stains first treat with All Solv Extreme. Follow with Avenge Pro Spotter. Rinse well with hot water. Perform some extra extraction-only passes to dry the carpet. This should remove the oily component.

3. Try using Stain Zone to remove the dye portion. For some types of tanning spray, Red Zone Ready works better. You may wish to test a small spot with each cleaner to see which gives the best result.

4. For large areas it may not be practical to treat many square feet of carpet with bottles of stain removers. In this case, clean with Flex Powder. You may even add an additional ounce of Citrus Solv to each gallon of your prespray. The heat and solvents should remove most of the oil portion.

5. Wet the carpet with Pet Zone to try and remove the dyes. Mix as directed on the label. Allow 30 minutes dwell time and extract.


Original blog post by Tom Forsythe and published on Nov 17th 2022