Covid-19 Deep Cleaning General Guidance on PPE Don and Doff Sequence

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Doning and Doffing PPE

The term personal protective equipment refers to anything used to decrease the risk of harm to the health and safety of workers (Safe Work Australia 2017).

In deep cleaning settings, PPE is used to create a barrier between the worker and any infectious agents (spread through airborne, contact or droplet modes) they may come into contact with. The aim is to reduce the risk of touching, transmitting or being exposed to pathogens 

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Setting up a Designated PPE Sation

  • Appoint a designated technician to supervise the donning and doffing process and ensure it is performed correctly.
  • Defined designated area(s) for the donning and doffing of PPE
  • Define contaminated v clean zones and how technicians are to enter, exit, and transit between zones
  • Place safety signs and barriers where necessary
  • Set up hand hygiene and waste disposal stations
  • Determine PPE disposal procedures
  • Determine reusable PPE cleaning protocols
  • Hold a toolbox briefing to inform all stakeholders of the policies and procedures, including potential risks and risk mitigation strategies

Sequence for Donning PPE

Step 1- Hand Hygiene

  • Perform hand hygiene before putting on Personal Protective Equipment

Step 2 - Gown/Apron

  • Fully cover torso from neck to knee, arms to the end of the wrist, and wrap around the back.
  • Fasten in back at neck and waist.

Step 3 - Mask or Respirator

  • Use N95 respirator or higher
  • Secure ties or elastic bands at the middle of the head and neck, or pull loops over both ears
  • Fit flexible band to the nose bridge
  • Fit snug to face and below the chin
  • Fit check mask/respirator

Step 4 - Protective Eyewear

  • Place goggles or face shield over face and eyes and adjust to fit

Step 5 - Gloves

  • Pull gloves of and extend to cover the wrist of the gown
  • Double glove and/or tape cuffs depending on the risk assessment
  • If at any point your gloves become contaminated, you must dispose of them, perform hand hygiene and then replace them with new gloves


Sequence for Removing PPE (Doffing)

Step 1 - Gloves

  • The outside of the gloves are contaminated
  • Grasp outside of the glove with an opposite gloved hand; peel off
  • Hold removed glove in the other gloved hand
  • Slide fingers of un-gloved hand under remaining the glove at the wrist
  • Peel the glove off over the first glove
  • Discard gloves in waste

Step 2 - Hand Hygiene

  • Perform hand hygiene following removal of gloves
  • The use of an alcohol-based hand cleaner is appropriate

Step 3 - Protective Eyewear

  • The outside of the goggles or face shield is contaminated
  • To remove, handle by headband or earpieces
  • Place reusable eyewear in the designated receptacle for cleaning or discard disposable eyewear into the waste container for disposal

    Step 4 - Gown

    • Gown front and sleeves are contaminated
    • Unfasten ties
    • Pull away from neck or shoulders, touching inside of gown only
    • Turn gown inside out
    • Fold or roll slowly into a bundle and discard into the designated waste container

    Step 5 - Mask or Respirator

    • The front of the mask/respirator is contaminated
    • Remove by touching tapes or ties only
    • Place reusable respirator in the designated receptacle for cleaning or discard disposable mask into the waste container for disposal

    Step 6 - Hand Hygiene

    • Perform hand hygiene following removal of all Personal Protective Equipment

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