Razorback Cleaning & Restoration Equipment Returns, Repairs & Warranty


Razorback Cleaning & Restoration Equipment owners enjoy the most comprehensive warranty protection available in the restoration industry.

All components, large or small are included in the Warranty Plan, providing the owner with real warranty coverage against any manufacturing defects.

Simply put; every part, assembly, and component is covered against defect or failure.

Servicing & Troubleshooting Your Equipment

  • Please consult your user manual for servicing and troubleshooting advice
  • If you are unable to determine the fault we recommend you give one of our trained technicians a call. Many times troubleshooting can be taken care of over the phone. Call us on 1800 68 68 69 or email sales@ccwarehouse.com.au

Returns Process

  • Please complete the Return Form below, which includes your contact information and a brief description of the problem. 
  • If you believe the equipment repair is under warranty, please provide the serial number, date of purchase and a copy of the original invoice.
  • Return the unit to an Authorised Service Center. Preapproval is required for all warranty repairs, including pre-inspections performed by an outside service centre
  • Transportation costs are not included the warranty. When shipping, pack the equipment securely and include a printed copy of the Return Form. We are not responsible for damage in transit. We do not accept COD shipments.
  • After the unit has been received the Technical Service department of the Authorised Service Center will perform an initial inspection and then contact you. If it is determined to be a valid warranty claim we will repair or replace the defective parts. If it is determined to be an invalid warranty claim (see exclusions below), we will provide a detailed quote for the repair
  • Customers can pick up the unit after repair or we can arrange shipping. Transportation costs are not included the warranty. 
  • Equipment will be rigorously tested before returning it back to customers.
  • If the unit is uneconomical to repair, and it is in the warranty period and determined to be valid claim, we will replace the equipment with a new unit.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Please refer to product user manual for details
  • All warranty benefits apply to the original owner only. Warranty cannot be transferred or assigned.
  • Customer must provide normal care and maintenance (including, but not limited to periodic cleaning of fans, filters, coils and pumps).
  • Repairs alterations or damage caused by the owner when attempting to fix or alter the product, or by an organisation other than an authorised service center are not covered and will void any Razorback Cleaning & Restoration Equipment warranty.
  • Warranty does not cover any defect, malfunction, etc. resulting from misuse, abuse, lack of normal care, corrosion, freezing, tampering, modification, unauthorised or improper repair or installation, accident, acts of nature or any other cause beyond Razorback Cleaning & Restoration Equipment's reasonable control.
  • Razorback Cleaning & Restoration Equipment will not be liable for any other or additional damages, including but not limited to water damage (the end-user should take precautions against same), lost profits, delay, or loss of use or damage to any real or personal property.
  • All warranty service will be performed during normal working hours.
  • The original warranty period continues to apply for parts that are repaired or replaced.

Warranty Periods

Please refer to product user manual for details

Term Polyethylene Body Stainless Body Parts Compressor Condenser Evaporator Refrigerant Labour
1 Year
3 Years
5 Years
10 Years


RTA Number: AU54590
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