Upselling Carpet Protector

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Motivate yourself to sell a gallon a day of Bridgepoint Maxim SOS Protector for a revenue boost.

“Would you be interested in seeing a dessert menu?” asks the waiter.

Is he using high-pressure sales tactics by asking you this question following an enjoyable meal at a restaurant? Of course not. It is a natural question for the situation. He would be doing a poor job if he didn’t ask.

“Would you like your carpet protector restored?” is a similarly legitimate question following a professional, high-quality carpet cleaning. If customers want to see their carpet in like-new condition, you must apply a restorative coating of protector. Restoring the protector is an important part of being a professional cleaner. It is not only a good value for your customer, but also a great way to significantly boost your profits.

Here I will give you some tips on making this natural up-sell easier and ways to incorporate this critical service into your daily routine. A gallon a day of Bridgepoint Maxim SOS Protector 

Selling a gallon a day of ready-to-use Bridgepoint Maxim SOS Protector at $1.50 cents per square meter can produce additional revenue of $1,200 per month. This would only require selling 40 meters of coverage per day.

This can normally be accomplished by just asking for the sale. For many companies, this additional money coming in each month could make the difference between a business’ success and failure.

Marketing tips

There are many things you can do to make the sale process go even easier. Here are some tips:

  • Include Bridgepoint Maxim SOS Protector as a line item on cleaning quotes. If the customer challenges it when establishing the price, just ask if they understand the benefits of its application. Of course, you can easily scratch it off if the customer shows hesitancy.
  • Make sure it is mentioned on all advertising and marketing materials. This helps prepare the customer for the topic when brought up.
  • Ask first-time customers over the phone if they have ever had the protector on their carpet restored. Again, this is a natural inquiry, just like asking how old the carpet is.
  • Customers generally enjoy seeing sample demonstrations, especially if you let them participate.
  • Put the brand logo of the product you use on your vehicle and uniform.
  • Provide your customer with a consumer brochure.
  • Include a note on annual reminder cards that restoring the protector is due.
  • Create a custom warranty program for your customers.

Make it easy!

Create a system which makes the application of the protector as easy as possible. If you think it is inconvenient to apply, you will not be motivated to sell it. There also is nothing worse than making a sale and then discovering you do not have enough product with you to complete the job. A well organised system for selling this service is a must.

Carry ready-to-use solution in your vehicle. Measuring and mixing are time consuming processes that make the application more complicated. Store the product in an easy-to-access location in your vehicle. This will speed up the process and make it easier to keep track of inventory. Pump-up sprayers add time to your application and lack a professional appearance. The IPS PRO Battery sprayer provide a faster and more consistent application. These awsome sprayers save time searching for electrical outlets and provide an even more professional look. Be sure to place the branded product decal on the side of the sprayer bottle.


You must find some way to reward and motivate yourself. The basic challenge to up-selling services you provide is that you are the one who must actually perform the service. Our natural instincts are to make our lives easier, not harder. When you sell an additional service, you are making more work for yourself. The concept of making more profit may not motivate you when you are hot and tired.

Set realistic daily, weekly and monthly goals. These need to be easy to measure and posted in a place where you can watch your progress on daily basis. Link the success of these goals to a small pleasurable reward. That could be a special dessert after dinner, going out to a movie or whatever small pleasure will encourage you to get the job done.

Along with the rewards, it helps to have someone hold you accountable for reaching the goals and to help you celebrate your successes.

Remember the goal is to sell a gallon a day. Invest your hard earned money into purchasing a year’s supply of product. This stock pile itself is a motivator; plus you can negotiate better prices when you purchase your protector in a greater volume.

One final motivating tip is to add one gallon of protector to your vehicle each day. The only way you may remove the bottle will be to sell it. If you don’t keep up with your goals, your vehicle will soon start to feel a little cozy with all of those gallon jugs riding next to you.

Providing protector is the job of a professional cleaner. It is a service that your customers need in order to return their carpet to a like-new condition. The revenue generated from this add-on service can make the difference between success and failure for some business owners, while others will experience a boost in their quality of life as the business becomes more profitable.

The time has come to remove whatever it is that stands between you and providing this valued service. Making this up-sell a part of your daily procedures will be well worth the efforts.

Create a Warranty Program

Perhaps the best way to sell Bridgepoint Maxim SOS Protector is to take the risk out of it for the customer with a Protector Warranty.

Your Maxim SOS Protector warranty may the customer a one year spot and spill service. If the customer cannot remove the offending spot with Avenge Neutral Spotter your warranty states that you will clean the spot at no charge to the customer.

This service would be performed as many times as needed during a one year period. If the spot cannot be removed, you will refund the price that the customer paid for the Protector.

Design your warranty contract carefully. You will need clear rules and limitations that protect you from abuse. SEE MORE INFORMATION HERE


The cleaning business is a great business when you manage it correctly. Profit has to be the ultimate purpose of a business and the main motivating factor if you are to be successful. The sale of Bridgepoint Maxim SOS Protector to your customers is a wildly profitable activity. We hope you will get involved and sell it every day. It will make a big difference in your business and in your financial future.

The secret is to start today. Don’t put if off.