Relief From Allergy and Asthma Symptoms....Guaranteed

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A New Way for your Customers to Feel Relief From Their Allergy and Asthma Symptoms....Guaranteed

This Special Report has been produced by MasterBlend® ‚ to alert you to one of the biggest opportunities the professional cleaning industry may ever have to “do well by doing good”.

As a professional cleaner you are probably aware that allergies and other allergic diseases such as asthma and sinusitis affect very large segments of the population, in fact, between 50 and 70 million Americans.

While there are many types of allergies, the biggest risk factors for the development of allergic disease are found in the indoor environment. These risk factors are dust mite and pet allergens.

Allergies are developed largely by overexposure to these and other allergens. And people with relatively mild allergies can develop very serious, chronic and even life threatening illnesses if they continue to be exposed to such contaminants.

Until now the emphasis has been on trying to eliminate these substances from the indoor environment, which has been an extremely difficult and sometimes impractical task. Instead, drugs and allergy shots and plain old misery have been the primary ways that patients have managed their illnesses.

But now there is a way to actually inactivate these allergens so that the body does not recognize them and does not trigger an allergic reaction! Instead of trying to eliminate dust mites, for example, or to have a family face the trauma of giving away a child’s beloved pet, you can now provide a treatment that will “denature” the most dangerous indoor allergens, rendering them harmless.

This means that you will be able to provide immense relief to allergy sufferers, including helping to prevent the development of more serious allergic diseases and even protecting people without allergies from developing them in the first place!

Best of all, this is a cleaning and treatment process that in most cases utilizes the equipment you already have and requires no complicated training or large investment. In fact, it is a service perfectly tailored to the carpet and upholstery cleaning professional.

What you will need is knowledge, which is the reason for this Special Report. The first section of this document will provide, in layman’s terms, enough technical information about allergic disease so that you can speak intelligently with your customers and answer their questions.

The second section will describe the MasterBlend ResponsibleCare® System, how Allergy Relief TreatmentTM works, how to provide this service and marketing information that can help you to inform allergy sufferers about this dramatic new way you can help them manage their illnesses. And, how you can develop this very exciting new profit center for your business.

This Special Report contains substantial amounts of technical information in layman’s terms. As you might imagine, the amount of medical and technical data that is available on the subject of allergies is enormous and beyond the scope of this document. For those of you that would like even more and very detailed medical information concerning allergic disease, several excellent resources will be provided in the Resources section at the end of this Report.