Hydroforce Sprayer Trouble Shooting Guide

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Hydroforce Sprayer Repairs Hydroforce Sprayer Repairs

To identify which model sprayer you have?

  • Does it have a solid stainless steel wand with a brass jet on the end?”… If so it is the new model (New Style).
  • Does it have swivel at the handle?”…. If so it is the current model (Current).

If your sprayer has neither of the above features… “Does it have a brass wand with a t-jet and a cap on the end?” This is the old model and is more then 5 years old (Old Style) (it is time to award your self a new sprayer AS08)

Any other configuration other than this and it is most likely not genuine and we can not guarantee parts are correct or that they will fix the problem (best for them to bring the sprayer in or send it in for repair, Labour charge $99 per hour with a min charge of $49.50)




Part Numbers

Low flow

New & Current Style: Clean filter, if necessary replace


Old Style: Clean filter and check filter, if necessary replace




NA0803, NA0825

Flow back into bottle

Supply valve rebuild kit



Not picking up chemical

New & Current Style: Supply Water nozzle, Backup washer & Jet


Old Style: Supply Water nozzle, Backup washer & T-Jet



If they have tried all of the above they need a complete new venturi valve assembly


NA0807, NA0808

& B280


NA0807, NA0808

& B012



Not shutting off

New Style: First try putting some rubber grease on the o-rings. If that does not work replace the gun valve


Old Style: First try putting some rubber grease on the o-rings. If that does not work replace the gun valve






Bottle leaking

Old New & Current Style Supply new bottle




AS65 (deluxe option)


Swivel Leaking

Current Style Supply new female quick connector


PAFBST-4M Female


Bottle cap leaking

First supply valve rebuild kit, If that does not work supply new cap and bottle




NA0812 & AS30

Velcro strap broken or warn

Replace velro strap

NA0848 (without buckle) NA0819 (with buckle)


Trigger broken

New Style: Replace gun


Old Style: Replace gun





Blue hose cracked or leaking

If leaking at venturi valve end check o-ring is in place, replace if necessary (we do not supply these o-rings separately). If cracked and broken or leaking replace blue hose




Wand bent or broken

New Style: Replace stainless steel wand


Old Style: Replace brass wand, may also need t-jet, t-jet cap and check valve




NA0824 may also need

B012, NA0825, NA0826

Requires a different dilution rate

Supply HF tip kit or individual tips

Yellow 8:1,White 16:1, Brown 32:1