Environmental Guild to Disposal of Carpet Cleaning Waste Water

Posted by Nick Bredhauer on

Some cleaning chemicals act as nutrients, which if they enter waterways, can promote excessive algal growth. The explosive growth of algae can threaten life in our wetlands, rivers, and streams. Some carpet cleaning agents are directly toxic to aquatic life. Large fines, depending on what area you are in, can be placed on carpet cleaners who do not dispose of wastewater correctly.

Following is a brief guild to the correct disposal of carpet cleaning wastewater (always check with your local authority):

  1. Wastewater and residues from carpet cleaning must not under any circumstances be discharged into any storm water drain.
  2. Wastewater and residues from carpet cleaning must not be poured onto the ground where they may soak into groundwater or run of into wetlands or streams
  3. Wastewater and residues from carpet cleaning must be discharged to the sewer where practicable.
  4. Where the locality in which the wastewater is generated is not sewered, the wastewater should be retained in the collection tank, transferred to a suitable container and transported to an authorised sewerage discharge point for proper disposal.
  5. For country areas that are not sewered and where disposal to a sewer is impracticable because of transport distance, the local council environmental heath officer should be contacted for advice.