Emperor pumps, exclusive to Razorback, 5 YEAR WARRANTY

Posted by Bold Support on

Emperor pumps, exclusive to Razorback, have proven that they are by far the most reliable pumps available on the market....

When we were where developing our Razorback Australian made carpet cleaning portables we noticed that allot of our competitors were have longevity issues with their pump seals. We searched for a better option. Emperor gave us the answer.

The emperor fit perfectly into our carper cleaning models, the Creed and the Balboa, and gave us a host of advantages including flange mounting which gives better power transfer from the motor, eliminates vibration and makes our the machines quieter. But that's not the most impressive thing about emperor pumps.

Since we started using emperor pumps we have noticed, not only the amazing performance difference, but that they never come come back to our service centres with pump issues. Out of the hundreds of portables we have sold we have only ever replaced two seal kits. In comparison to the hundreds and hundreds of kits, we have replaced in our competitors machines.

that's impressive....

Emperor pumps, exclusive to Razorback, have proven beyond any doubt that they can handle rigorous duty cycles, high temperatures and chemicals and that they are by far the most reliable pumps available in market.

That is why we are very confident to offer an unbeatable 5 YEAR WARRANTY ON EMPEROR PUMPS, INCLUDING PUMP SEALS. Emperor pumps are used in the Creed and Balboa models in the Razorback range of portables.