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Death to odours.... Odor DeathTM Super Deodoriser with Stabilized CLO2

How does Odor Death remove odour?

  • First of all, it does not work by masking or covering up odour.
  • It does not use troublesome, slow acting enzymes.
  • It uses the oxidizing power of Stabilized CLO2 technology.

What kind of odour does Odor Death remove?

  • This amazing product removes obnoxious odours such as those caused by pet urine, skunk spray, vomit, mold & mildew, feces, organic & protein decay.
  • It is very effective on odours associated with death such as cadaverine (dead mouse).
  • It works to remove odours caused by urine, smoke, putrefaction, doggie odour, etc., etc., etc.

Besides removing odour what other qualities does Odor Death have?

  • It can be added to most cleaning presprays to create a dual purpose application.
  • It will not leave a sticky dirt attracting residue. It dries completely non-sticky.


  • People safe....Pet safe... (non-carcinogenic)
  • Virtually indefinite shelf life both diluted and undiluted
  • ZERO sticky or dirt-attracting residue
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Wool and Stain resist safe
  • Complete removal of most odors
  • pH approx 8.5 (1 to 10 dilution)
  • Freeze-Thaw stable


Odor Death is designed for use as a stand-alone product, but if preferred, it can be added to most any detergent/prespray

Dilution Rates: Light to Medium Odour 250ml/4Ltr | Heavy Odour 250-500ml/4Ltr

  • Remove any visible odor source and pre-vacuum carpet.
  • Locate contaminated areas using a black light or moisture detector.
  • Treat the areas with a pumpup or injection sprayer until saturated. An in-line pressure sprayer (10:1 tip) may be used without diluting the product. Agitate with a pile brush or rake.
  • For subsurface applications on carpet a water-claw like tool can be used to extract from the carpet backing and padding underneath.
  • Depending on saturation of substrate and degree of odor, apply to carpeting at approx 10-30 sqr mtrs per 4 Ltrs of of Ready To Use product and give 15-20 minutes dwell time.
  • Clean and extract with your method of choice such as hot water extraction or a low moisture system such as pads or bonnets
  • Remember, to remove odor, the solution MUST come in contact with the odor source, so in severe situations complete saturation of the carpet, including the padding, may be necessary
  • This product WILL NOT leave a dirt attracting residue
  • Pre-test all items to be cleaned for color fastness before applying.
  • May be used on all surfaces that are both color-fast and water-safe.
  • Use to kill odors on upholstery, mattresses, hard surfaces, pet bedding, litter boxes, etc.
  • For hard surfaces, spray or wipe Odor Death and let set for several seconds; remove with a clean damp cloth or towel.