Tramex Calibration Box for ME5

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The Tramex ME5 calibration check box is used for checking readings on the Tramex Moisture Encounter 5 (ME5) non-destructive impedance type moisture meters.

This process allows the user to verify that the instrument is still performing within tolerances deemed acceptable by Tramex. Tramex recommends that instrument users check their instruments regularly on the relevant calibration check equipment.

If the instrument is outside these tolerances, then it should be returned to Cornell Group for a recalibration service.

In addition to the above, periodic recalibration is recommended by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and other quality standards, protocols, and practices for all measurement and testing equipment.

Calibration checkboxes are for field calibration checking of Tramex instruments, to verify that instruments are within Tramex specified tolerances.

Instructions for use

  • Place the Meter in the correct orientation with the electrodes in position.
  • Lightly compress the meter when taking a reading.
  • The reading on the meter should align with the numbers below:
    • 1. Wood-Timber Scale: 19.0%. ±1.0%
    • 2. Shallow Depth Scale: 14.0% ±1.0%
    • 3. Drywall - Roofing Scale: 22.0%. ±1.0%
    • 4. Plaster - Tile Scale: 9.0% ±1.0%