SpeedClean CoilJet CJ-125 HVAC Coil Cleaner System 12V

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CoilJet® CJ-125 HVAC Coil Cleaner System

No more dragging hoses or tearing out coils for cleaning.

The CoilJet from SpeedClean brings water, power and 125 psi of pressure with it, in a compact and portable design for on-the-go HVAC coil cleaning.

Specifically designed for condenser coil cleaning and evaporator coil cleaning, the CoilJet replaces a too powerful pressure washer - and the not powerful enough hand pump sprayer - to quickly clean coils without damage to sensitive fins - even microchannel coils.

The CoilJet produces 125 psi of coil washing power at about 2.2 Litres per minute water flow that won’t overwhelm condensate lines inside. This means you don’t have to pull evaporator coils out to clean the coils.

Product includes:

  • CoilJet CJ-125 Portable Coil Cleaner with Standard spray gun attachment
  • 12V Deep Cycle Rechargable Battery Plus Smart Battery Charger
  • 20ft self-coiling hose
  • 2 Spray Nozzles - 15o for coil cleaning and Pinpoint for condensation tray Cleanup
  • Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap
  • CoilJet CJ-125 User Manual


  • Dimensions (hwd):48cm x 25cm x 46cm
  • Weight (dry): 10 kg
  • Capacity (water): 12.7 Litres
  • Capacity (Chemical): 1.6 Litres
  • Output Pressure: 125 psi at 2.2 Litres/minute
  • Input Power: 12A, 12v DC deep cycle rechargable sealed lead acid battery

Additional Information
Tips for maintaining and extending the battery life of your SpeedClean CoilJet.