Razorback OxyBoost 1Kg

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OxyBoost contains alkaline builders and colour-safe oxygen bleach. Added to
either carpet or fabric cleaning solutions, it will boost cleaning effectiveness
and brighten the finished look.

Product code RP700112

Helps brighten dingy traffic lanes, remove watermarks, and correct browning. OxyBoost will accelerate almost any alkaline detergent.

  • Makes colour look brighter without using brighteners.
  • Will make Polypropylene 10-20% brighter when added to resprays and given 10 minutes to work.
  • Safe on colourfast carpets and upholstery. Great for fringes on Oriental rugs.
  • Can be used to neutralise reducing agents.
  • Improves the performance of floor strippers and hard surface cleaners.


  • Do not use on nylon or cotton carpets or fabrics without pretesting. Allow 20-30 minutes for possible colour change.
  • Do not use on wool.

Directions for Use

  1. Pre-test inconspicuous area for colourfastness.
  2. Pump-up or Electric Sprayer: In 250ml of HOT water, dissolve 50 grams of OxyBoost for each 10 litres of RTU prespray that you are going to mix.
  3. In-line Sprayer: (Yellow tip 8:1) In 250ml of hot water dissolve 120 grams of OxyBoost for each 4.75 litre container that you are going to mix. Add the required amount of prespray concentrate and HOT water.
  4. Mix only what you will use. The solution must be warm for OxyBoost to work effectively.
  5. Spray carpet, giving extra attention to traffic areas, agitate, and allow 10-15 minutes before extracting.
  6. For best results, follow standard carpet cleaning practices outlined in AS/NZS 3733:1995 & IICRC S5001.

Safety Data Sheet