Razorback MaxxDry XLGR 85L Dehumidifier 50HZ/230V/AU

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Razorback MaxxDry XLGR 85L Dehumidifier 50Hz/230V/AU 

Don't let the size fool you. The Razorback MaxxDry XLGR 85L Dehumidifier removes up to 85 litres of water per day (40 litres @ AHAM (26C/60% RH)

Stackable and easy to transport, the space-saving design lets restorers pack more drying power into their trucks, saving extra trips and boosting profitability.

Built for the tough environments found in water damage restoration and construction with rugged rotomolded housing and durable construction. 

saaSAA Certificate of Approval: Razorback Restoration Equipment has been independently proven to comply with the safety requirements of the applicable Australian and New Zealand Standards.


  • Rotary compressor
  • Effective and efficient
  • Ducting options
  • Condensate pump
  • Easy handling
  • Water full protection
  • Environmental R410A refrigerant
  • Automatic humidistat control
  • Memory start
  • Washable air filter
  • Large diameter wheels
  • Rotationally moulded body
  • Cable / Hose wrap
  • Low temperature 1~40 °C
  • Quick connection to cable/hose
  • Rare earth alloy tube evaporator

How Does XLGR Work? (Extra Low Grain Refrigerant)

XLGR microchannel technology uses a special air-to-air heat exchanger system to help bring the air closer to dew point temperature before it passes over the evaporator coils. This leads to more condensation forming on the coils and faster interchange of heat, which in turn leads to more moisture pumped out and lower humidity in the air that is returned to the room.

Razorback XLGR dehumidifiers can effectively remove moisture below 34 Grains Per Pound (LGR) using less energy than conventional refrigerant dehumidifiers. This extra efficiency makes Razorback XLGR dehumidifiers perfectly suited for challenging water damage restoration jobs where higher amounts of water are involved, and for achieving maximum results in low humidity conditions found towards the end of the drying process.

New Technology Rare-Earth Alloy

Razorback XLGR dehumidifiers are equipped with new technology rare-earth alloy tube evaporators that extend the life of the coils, providing protection in corrosive environments and maintain the coil's heat transferability.

Interactive Touch Display Screen

  • Total Hours (Life of the machine)
  • Job Hours (From beginning to end of job inc defrost and standby)(does not reset if a client turns off the machine)
  • In and Out Temp %Rh and GPP (Indicates the temperature, humidity, and moisture content of the air inlet and outlet)
  • Humidistat Set Point %Rh (Indicates set humidity)
  • Coil Temp (Display the current temperature of the coil)
  • Time Until
    • Power Up (Compressor Ready)
    • Next Defrost
    • Defrost Completed
    • Next Purge
    • Purge Completed
    • Power Down (Time between shut down of compressor and fan)
  • Fault Display


Power: 220V/50Hz
Current: 2.3Amps
COP: 2.88 L/Kwh
Filter: MERV 8 Filter
Airflow: 210 CFM, 350CMH
Sound pressure level: 58 dBA
Refrigerant: R410A
Wheels: 2
Draining: Condensate pump
Functioning temperature range: 1~40°C
Functioning humidity range: 35~95%
Capacity: 40Lts @ AHAM/Max 85Ltrs
Weight: 28 kg
Dimension(L×W×H): 54 cm × 29.5cm × 44 cm



Razorback Cleaning & Restoration Equipment owners enjoy the most comprehensive warranty protection available in the restoration industry.

All components, large or small are included in the Warranty Plan, providing the owner with real warranty coverage against any manufacturing defects.

Simply put; every part, assembly, and component is covered against defect or failure.

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