Protimeter Calcheck Calibration Device BLD5086

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Protimeter Calcheck Calibration Device BLD5086

For added confidence when using your moisture meter, Protimeter has developed this handy calibration device, sometimes referred to as a 'Calcheck'.

Used with pin-type Protimeter moisture meters, the user simply touches the pins to the contact points and ensures that their device reads 18%, plus/minus 1%.

This tool is supplied as standard with all pin-type Protimeters but, being small, is easily lost or damaged.

Product Features:

  • Calcheck device for pin-type meter range
  • Used to check and verify the pin function
  • Readings between 17 and 19% are normal
  • 2 spare 1" needles are included

The Calcheck works with the following devices...

  • Mini
  • Digital Mini
  • Timbermaster
  • MMS2