Phoenix Psychrometric Calculator

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Phoenix Psychrometric Calculator Quick and Easy Dew Point and Grains Calculations

  • Provides accurate moisture content information in an easy-to-use tool.
  • Helps avoid common data input errors.
  • Accepts input data from 3% to 100% relative humidity.
  • Accepts temperature inputs from 20°F (-7°C) to 120°F (49°C).
  • Temperature and dew point are listed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The Phoenix Psychrometric Calculator is a “must-have” restoration tool.

This handy tool gives you the moisture content information you need to determine a drying strategy and monitor the drying process.

With the Phoenix Psychrometric Calculator, you can accurately calculate dew point and specific humidity (grains of water per pound of air) without fumbling through awkward psychrometric charts. Simply set the temperature and relative humidity; the specific humidity and dew point temperature are displayed in their respective windows.

This moisture content information is crucial to the restoration professional in order to determine the drying strategy and monitor the drying process.

For an example of how easy it is to find moisture content information with the Phoenix Psychrometric Calculator, see the reverse side of this page.


  • Air Flow
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Dew Point
  • Wind Chill
  • Heat Stress