Leather Master Strong Cleaner 1Ltr (P) (A) (N)

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Leather Strong Cleaner is a gentle, water-based cleaner. It is similar to Soft Cleaner but has twice the active ingredients. Strong Cleaner will remove the heaviest soiling and water-based stains.

Please note: Strong Cleaner can be used on sensitive leathers such as analine and nubuck, but it is not recommended as it may cause colour loss. For sensitive leathers, we recommend Foam Cleaner.

Suitable for all leather types.

Leather Strong Cleaner is designed for use on stains and heavy soiling. This is a strong cleaner, so always pre-test the leather for colour fastness before use. 


  1. Pour a small amount of Leather Strong Cleaner onto a sponge. Gently squeeze the sponge to create foam. 
  2. Apply the foam to the surface to be cleaned. Allow a few moments for the foam to dissolve the dirt, and then remove the foam with a clean white cloth. If your furniture is heavily soiled allow the foam to stand for 30 seconds or longer before removing it.
  3. Leave to dry. 
  4. Once the leather is completely dry, apply Leather Protection Cream.

Suitable for pigmented leather.

Please note: Strong Cleaner can be used on sensitive leathers such as analine or nubuck, but it may cause colour loss. To minimise the risk of colour loss, Leather Strong Cleaner should be applied as a foam NOT a liquid. Foam can be created using a foaming bottle, or by whisking the product with a household whisk.