Leather Master Nubuck Eco Protector 500ml (N)

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Leather Master Nubuck Eco Protector is a water-based protector for nubuck and other sensitive leathers.

Leather Master Eco Protector provides excellent protection against oil, water, and alcohol-based stains. Eco protector will also reduce general soiling.

The velvety soft texture of nubuck leather has been created by brushing or sanding the surface of the leather. Because the surface of the leather has been opened up, the leather is highly absorbent and very susceptible to staining.

Because it is so susceptible to staining, it is very important to protect nubuck leather. Nothing can provide 100% protection against soiling and stains, but protected leather is always easier to clean.

Suitable for nubuck and suede.


  1. Make sure the leather is clean and dry. Eco Protector should only be used on clean leather.
  2. Adjust the trigger spray to the finest mist spray.
  3. Spray the leather from a distance of approximately 30 cm. Apply enough protector to dampen the leather. You may need to repeat this process. Several thin layers are better than one thick one. But, always allow the product to dry completely between applications.
  4. Allow to dry. This will take approximately one hour. 
  5. Once the leather is dry, rub it over with a large sponge to return its original nubuck effect.



Brand Leather Master
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