HydraMaster TITAN 325 (In the Box)

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HydraMaster TITAN 325... Hotter, Easier, Quieter, and Ready for your greatest cleaning or restoration challenge

Perfectly sized for companies who do residential and light commercial who also do water damage restoration!

Finally, you don’t have to put up with barely adequate performance to get an affordable entry-level machine. The TITAN 325 takes the entry-level truckmount to new heights. It’s perfect for operators who want to step up their game. Plus the new TITAN 325 is equipped with an expanded fin tubed heat exchange thermal accumulation system with 40% more heating capacity than before. The TITAN 325 has been tested to be the HOTTEST machine in its class

  • “Tough as Nails” TITAN quality with a sleek new design
  • More intuitive and easier to use panel directions and graphics make it easier to train new technicians and easier to maintain
  • Enhanced appearance makes an impression on your professionalism to your cleaning or restoration customer
  • Truckmounts that match your perseverance at delivering optimum performance to your customers
  • Legendary performance and reliability from the innovation leader since 1971

Step up your game
Affordable Value . . . Radical Performance!

  • Reliable, Fuel Efficient Power – Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 18HP gas/petrol engine.
  • Space-saving footprint for more cargo space to carry all of year other gear
  • Simple to operate and maintain – Intuitive, easy-to-use panel directions and graphics make it easier to train new technicians and easier to maintain
  • 40% more heating capacity – expanded fin tubed heat exchange/thermal accumulation system produces the hottest cleaning solution of any machine in its class.
  • Powerful recovery – Tuthill Competitor 3006 Vacuum Blower produces consistent, reliable vacuum with hardened precision helical gears
  • Hydra-Clutch equipped - Perfect for water extraction and water damage restoration – The new HydraClutch™ pump clutch allows the solution pressure side of the machine to be turned off while performing flood and water extraction with your truckmount which reduces wear and protects components

IN THE BOX Package includes:

Machine Power Console, Vacuum Recovery Tank, 2 x 15 Metres Premium 2 Inch Vacuum Hose in cuffs and joiners, 2 x 15 Meters Premium High-Pressure Solution Hose Inc. quick connects, 3 Meters 1.5 Inch Wand Whip Hose, 3 Meters 1.5 Inch Waste Dump Hose, 20 Litre Chemical Jug, Battery Box (battery not included), 15 Meters Water Supply Hose, Fresh water hook up, Installation and bolt down kit, Installation instructions, User manual, Import freight by sea, Transit insurance, Customs clearance, Duty, Handling charges and GST.