HydraMaster HydraBoost CT 2.95kg

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HydraMaster HydraBoost CT is a powdered high-powered concrete and tile and grout cleaner and degreaser

HydraMaster HydraBoost CT is designed to safely and effectively dissolve, break down, dislodge, and emulsify even the grimiest soils from concrete, finished concrete, and ceramic, porcelain, and quarry tile floors and surfaces.

HydraBoost CT is an economical cleaner and degreaser designed to penetrate porous surfaces and dissolve the toughest build-up of oil and grease. Alkaline cleaning agents and heavy-duty surfactants are activated by the power of oxygen to allow the effervescent solution to get into every crack, crevice, and pore. It is the ideal cleaning agent for heavily soiled restaurant kitchen tile floors and other indoor and outdoor surfaces exposed to high levels of grease and oil contamination. It does so without the use of harsh chlorinated solvents or mineral spirits, leaving the surface squeaky clean and residue-free.

HydraBoost CT is specifically designed to work in conjunction with high-powered hard surface cleaning wands such as the RX-20 with hard floor attachments, and rotary or stationary hard surface cleaning extraction wands. Its powerful formula though will work with virtually any brush agitation system, automatic floor scrubber, or even a mop and bucket cleaning system.

HydraBoost CT is designed to be used as a preconditioning agent and applied to the surface being cleaned first. The oxygenated cleaning power of HydraBoost CT also makes it an ideal boosting agent for trashed and neglected carpet that has been exposed to high levels of oxygenated oils and grease. Simply add a couple of ounces of HydraBoost CT to your favorite traffic lane cleaner/preconditioner for the ultimate in cleaning power.  

 Dilution: 15g/Ltr     RTU pH: 11-12pH     Contains: 2.95kg 


  1. Read the entire label before using it. Use only as directed. Always pretest surface with cleaning solution for color­fastness prior to cleaning. Ensure the work area is well-ventilated during application. Keep children and pets out of the area during application and drying. HydraBoost CT is not recommended for cleaning natural stone floors.
  2. This product is ultra-concentrated. For normal soiling, mix 15 grams of HydraBoost CT powder with one litre of warm or hot water into a professional sprayer. For extreme soiling, mix three to four ounces of powder with a gallon of warm or hot water into a professional sprayer. For application through an Inline Injection Sprayer, mix 360 grams of powder and fill the container with water. Use 4:1 dilution.
  3. Apply mixed solution with sprayer evenly and liberally across the surface to be cleaned. You can use a pump-up sprayer or a battery-powered sprayer. If preferred, you can apply mixed solution with a damp mop, sponge, or other appropriate professional equipment. If using a mop for solution application and surface cleaning, change your mop water often to make sure that soil is not re-deposited.
  4. Allow for 5 -10 minutes of dwell time. For concrete, if stains have been deeply absorbed, allow 15 minutes of dwell time so the solution has time to reach into the concrete pores and crevices and the oxygen-activated effervescent solution can dissolve the soiling and lighten discoloration.
  5. For best results, agitate and extract cleaning solution using warm or hot water and a rotary agitation hard surface cleaner such as the RX-20 with hard floor attachments, or rotary or stationary hard surface cleaning extraction wands For tight spaces or especially sensitive surfaces, use a hard surface cleaning wand or simply mop to rinse with clean warm or hot water.
  6. When the area has been rinsed thoroughly. Allow the floor to dry.
  7. For faster drying, especially in humid environments, consider the use of an axial, centrifugal, or downdraft air mover after cleaning.

For use as a carpet cleaning solution booster/additive

  1. Mix 15 grams of HydraBoost CT with each litre of mixed pre-spray (traffic lane cleaner, preconditioner) solution. This mixture is not recommended for wool carpeting or residential nylon carpets that are being properly maintained. 
  2. Always pretest surface with boosted cleaning solution for color­fastness prior to cleaning.
  3. Proceed to apply the pre-spray and continue cleaning in accordance with the directions of the pre-spray. 

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