Hydro-Force Viper Venom 3.8ltr

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Viper Venom... the original tile and grout cleaner, it removes years of built-up grease, dirt, and stains! 

  • If you prefer a high alkaline, solvent-fortified chemical to deal with heavy soil on hard surfaces...you want Viper Venom!
  • Dilute it 1:1 for tough jobs, more for lighter jobs!
  • You'll see the dirt start to lift out of the grout even before you begin using your machine.
  • Rinse well.

VIPER VENOM is used as a pre-treatment spray on grout and tile to loosen and emulsify soils and stains, and to facilitate soil removal using the SX-12 or SX-15 Grout and Tile Tool. Viper Venom is also effective for general floor cleaning and upkeep, wall cleaning, and general hard-surface cleaning. Viper Venom, with its hard-hitting blend of builders, solvents, and surfactants, is also ideally suited for fire restoration.

  • The industry’s #1 selling tile & grout cleaner
  • Can be used on natural stone for restoration cleaning when rinsed effectively with a SX-12 or SX-15 Hard Surface cleaner
  • Excellent cleaner for fire and smoke damage cleaning of hard surfaces


Grout and Tile restoration:

  • Dilute Viper Venom with 1 part hot water.
  • Low pressure spray onto grout and tile and allow to dwell for 5 minutes
  • Do not allow to dry before cleaning/extracting.

Grout and tile maintenance:

  • Dilute Viper Venom with 16 parts of warm water.

General cleaning and walls:

  • Dilute Viper Venom with up to 32 parts of warm water.
  • Dilute 1 part Viper Venom with 9 parts water for woodwork.
  • For cleaning porcelain and chrome: dilute 1 part Viper Venom with 12 parts water.

Dilution Ratios: 250ml/Ltr     RTU pH: 12     Contains: 3.78Ltr

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