Hydro-Force Viper Peroxiblast Powder 3.4kg

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Peroxide Activated Alkaline Concrete, Tile & Grout Cleaner, and Degreaser. 

Viper Peroxiblast Powder is a synergistic product breakthrough that cleans and degreases the grungiest concrete, tile, and grout floors, fixtures, and walls with a concentrated balance of surfactants and alkaline builders that are oxygen activated.

This high-performance, heavy-duty concrete, tile, and grout cleaner and degreaser safely replaces mineral spirits and chlorinated solvent-based heavy-duty concrete degreaser products.

Peroxiblast Powder penetrates concrete surfaces on contact to soften, lift, and remove a wide range of oils, soils, fats, and greases. Can be safely and effectively used with virtually any hard surface floor cleaning brush or mop system.

  • Concentrated powder saving cost
  • A special blend of surfactants to attack particulate soil
  • Combination of solvents and alkalinity to break down oily soil build-up.
  • Formulated with oxygen booster 


Read the entire label before using it. Use only as directed. Always pretest surface with cleaning solution for colorfastness prior to cleaning. . Ensure work area is well-ventilated. Keep children and pets out of the area during application and drying. This product is not for use on natural stone.

  • This product is ultra-concentrated. For normal soiling, mix 15g/ltr of warm or hot water into a professional sprayer. For extreme soiling, mix 25-30g/Ltr of warm-hot water into a professional sprayer. For application through a Hydro-Force Inline Injection Sprayer, mix 360g of powder and fill the container with water. Use 4:1 dilution. 
  • Apply mixed solution with sprayer evenly and liberally across the surface to be cleaned. If preferred, you can apply a mixed solution with a damp mop, sponge, or other appropriate professional equipment. If using a mop for solution application and surface cleaning, change your mop water often to make sure that soil is not redeposited. If extra agitation is needed, it can also be applied through a shampoo tank of rotary scrubber utilizing an appropriate brush or pad.
  • Allow for 5-10 minutes of dwell time. For concrete, if there are stains that have been deeply absorbed, allow 15 minutes of dwell time so the solution has time to reach into the concrete pores and crevices and the oxygen-activated effervescent solution can dissolve the soiling and lighten discoloration through bleaching action.
  • For best results, agitate and rinse the cleaning solution using warm or hot water and a rotary agitation surface cleaner such as a Hydro-Force SX-15, SX-12, or SX-7. For tight spaces or especially sensitive surfaces, use the Hydro-Force Gekko Hard Surface Extraction Tool, or simply mop to rinse with clean warm, or hot water.
  • Allow to dry. Accelerate drying with air movers.

Dilution Ratios: 15-30g/Ltr     RTU pH: 12-12.2     Contains: 3.4Kg

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