Quality CMP Wand 1.5inch x 12inch 2 Jet S-Bend

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Quality CMP AW29 Carpet Wand 1.5 inch x 12 inch 2 Jet S-Bend...

All-time best SELLER!   Stainless steel ergonomic double bend tube with 2 jets including filters.

This popular wand is now available to work with high or low pressure and high temperature. This precision, the all-stainless wand has an extra length which means a longer and more comfortable stroke. Quality made in California, not a cheap knockoff

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable 251-30 1200psi Valve
  • 12-inch wide pickup head
  • 2 x 10002 T jets with filters
  • Comfort Grip Adjustable Handle
  • Vinyl sleeve grip for heat protection 
  • Double S Bend
  • Splash guards to help keep side spray down.
  • Glide available (not included)