Wagner Orion 920 Shallow Depth Pinless Wood Moisture Meter Kit

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The Orion 920 Shallow Depth Pinless Wood Moisture Meter Kit features the Orion 920 meter designed exclusively for shallow measurement of moisture content from the surface down to .25” (6.4mm) deep inside wood or other material.

Ideal for applications where accurate moisture readings from thin wood pieces or coatings are critical to success.

The Orion® 920 Shallow Depth Moisture Meter Kit includes:

  • Orion 920 Wood Moisture Meter
  • Paired On-Demand Calibrator
  • Rubber Protective Boot
  • Foam-lined ABS Plastic Carrying Case
  • 9V Battery
  • Species Settings Booklet
  • Instruction Manual
  • Common Flooring Materials Settings Reference Card

The Orion 920 Shallow Depth Pinless Wood Moisture Meter Kit features the Orion 920, carrying the Wagner tradition of superior accuracy forward with added capabilities and usefulness. The 920 takes moisture readings in your wood from the surface down to .25” (6.4mm) in depth. A flexible rubber boot makes the 920 durable enough to withstand your toughest jobs.

The Orion 920 joins the rest of the Orion line of meters in being the first in the industry to provide true in-the-field calibration capability with the included On-Demand Calibrator. Calibrate your Orion 920 at your location in about 30 seconds whenever you want.

The Orion line of wood moisture meters continues Wagner’s 50-plus year tradition of providing accurate, dependable non-damaging pinless moisture measurement technology, measuring IN the wood not just ON the wood, and backed by Wagner’s industry-leading 7-year warranty.

Meter Features:

Shallow Depth Measurements

The Orion 920 Shallow Depth Pinless Moisture Meter takes moisture readings in your wood from the surface down to .25” (6.4mm) in depth.

Fast Selection Species Settings

With simple up/down arrow buttons, your Orion 920 meter can be easily and quickly set for the wood species you need to measure. Plus, the range of settings accommodates practically any softwood or hardwood species in the world. The Orion 920 can also be configured to measure some non-solid wood products such as plywood, OSB, or MDF. Orion meters also have species settings for many bamboo flooring products.

Non-Damaging Pinless Sensor

Every Orion meter features electromagnetic wave technology…a non-damaging way to quickly and accurately measure the moisture content of wood or other materials. Compared against pin meters, the pinless sensor technology of the Orion line of meters does not damage the wood and also eliminates the frustrations and costs of broken pins, common with pin-type meters.

Virtually Unaffected by Temperature

Every Orion pinless meter is virtually unaffected by the temperature of the wood or the environment. Unlike pin meters, Orion’s sensing technology does not need correction or adjustment to account for the temperature of the wood.

True In-The-Field Calibration

There is no need to return your Orion to the factory for calibration. Every Orion meter comes with an individually paired On-Demand Calibrator allowing you to easily calibrate your meter anytime*, ensuring that you will always be able to obtain accurate moisture measurements. A NIST-traceable version, with a certificate of calibration, can also be purchased.
*patent pending

Relative Moisture Measurement Mode

A relative moisture measurement mode allows for taking relative moisture measurements in non-wood-based materials and engineered wood flooring. This means you can use an Orion moisture meter to obtain relative moisture conditions on a number of non-wood building materials and flooring products.

Press to Hold Readings

On every Orion moisture meter, if you press down once on the ON/HOLD button it will hold the moisture reading you took. This is quite useful if you’re measuring in a hard-to-reach area.

Programmable Alarm

The Orion 920 includes a user-programmable, audible alarm for high moisture content levels.

7-Year Warranty

Wagner Meters is proud to include the Orion line of pinless moisture meters within our Genuine Wagner 7-Year Warranty program. The longest-lasting warranty in the industry!