Vacu-Boom 25ft Kit

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The Vacu-Boom is an innovative and practical solution to the problem of capturing wastewater runoff from washing operations indoors and outdoors.

The Vacu-Boom can also be used as a highly effective spill containment system for many hazardous materials.

  • It can be used on any hard surface such as concrete bitumen wood and steel
  • Fast set up and take down? less than 5 minutes for one person
  • Simultaneously captures and extracts liquids for wastewater and many liquid spills
  • Captures and contains concentrated flammables or hazardous liquids without extraction
  • Materials used in the Vacu-Boom do not absorb liquids or contaminates. Can be rinsed off easily after use
  • Easy to store and transport. Vacu-Boom breaks down into 4 x 1.5 meter lengths
  • It has a high degree of tolerance for acids caustics and petrochemicals 


The Vacu-Boom is a hollow flexible tube 13 cm in diameter that is placed directly on a hard surface to form a downslope side dam or to completely encircle the wash or containment area. The boom has a C shaped cross-section with the open side down. There are small waster water or liquid inlet openings on the water side of the boom at the bottom edge. During use, the boom needs to be connected via a vacuum hose to a portable or truck mounted vacuum system.


When the vacuum system is turned on (your choice of wet and dry vac portable or truck mounted vacuum system) the Vacu-Boom tightly seals itself to the surface like a giant suction cup to form an impervious liquid barrier. Simultaneously the wastewater or other liquid is extracted into the boom and travels with the airflow through the boom and vacuum hose into the recovery tank of your vacuum system. (it is recommended that your vacuum system has an automatic pump out system for ease of use and efficiency)


The Vacu-Boom system can also be used for emergency spill containment without extraction for certain liquids that should not be run through the vacuum system ? such as hazardous materials or concentrated flammables. When used without an extractor the Vacu-Boom can be positioned with the inlet openings on the outside of the boom away from the liquid.


  • Outdoor vehicle or equipment washing
  • In-Plant equipment washing
  • Emergency Storm Water Containment
  • Boasts and ships to prevent deck runoff
  • Marinas to prevent runoff contamination
  • Parking lots or sidewalk washing ? to capture dirty water runoff
  • Emergency hazardous liquid spill containment
  • Airports to capture runoff from aircraft washing
  • Carpeting wastewater from any pressure washing or cleaning operation
  • Flood water clean up
  • Water extraction from carpet and underlay