Vac Away Spot N Boost 3.78 Ltr

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Spot"n"Boost is easily the best INK, Soil Filtration Line and general spot remover on the planet.

Its highly sophisticated formula removes black filtration lines from carpet edges, under doors, along stairs, around heating/air conditioning vents.   This water-based formula makes child's play out of removing ink and is even a great, non-acidic rust remover. It is also no less than fantastic for removing toner, grease, tar, lipstick, mascara, magic marker, and much, much more!    NO STICKY RESIDUE!!!   Makes a wonderful booster for presprays and encap products.


  • In an inconspicuous area, test all carpeting or fabric for color fastness before applying this or any cleaning product.

As a Spotter

  • Generously apply to spot/stain, agitate and extract with HWE or apply, agitate and blot with spotting towel until spot/stain is removed. Repeat as necessary.
  • In the case of Ink, if a slightly bluish or blackish tinge remains, apply RED VANISH to remove.
  • For natural fibers such as cotton or wool mix 1 part product to 2 parts water.
  • It is always best to extract most spotting products after use, but this product will not leave a dirt-attracting residue if you fail to do so.

As a Booster:

  • Add 20 mL of Spot-n-Boost per liter of prespray or encap solution to experience a substantial cleaning boost.