Vac Away Red Vanish Wool 1Qrt

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Red Vanish is an AMAZING Crystallizing "ONE-PART" Dye Stain Remover designed for WOOL carpeting that will make a novice carpet cleaner look like a Pro! 

It eliminates the hassle of a two-part stain remover and you can be assured there will never be a sticky residue left to cause a re-soiling problem!  It will remove stains on carpet caused by RED food dye coffee wine blood urine vomit etc.  It will also improve many furniture stains on carpeting.

• pH 5.0 - 6.0 
• Removes many Dye stains from wool and synthetic carpets. 
• Especially effective for removing RED food dye. 
• Great for coffee wine blood urine vomit etc. 
• Free rinsing. 
• Freeze-Thaw Stable. 
• Long shelf-life. 


  1. Red Vanish for Wool should be used without heat when used on WOOL or any delicate carpet or upholstery. 
  2. Shake before using 
  3. Apply sparingly undiluted to the stain. 
  4. Agitate slightly. 

Dye Stains should disappear or change color within a few minutes.   In the case of Red Dye stains they should either disappear or turn to a yellowish color... remove any resulting color change with any spotting agent safe for wool.


  • Test all carpet for color fastness before using any carpet cleaning product. 
  • Keep out of the reach of children. 
  • Eye and skin irritant... We HIGHLY recommend you read the SDS for this product before using. 
  • Avoid eye skin or clothing contact. On contact with eye or skin flush thoroughly with water.  If irritation persists consult physician. 
  • Do not breath vapor or mist (use adequate ventilation or supply breathing apparatus with organic filters if necessary). 
  • Never take internally. 
  • Do not re-use container. Dispose of this container according to government regulations. 
  • For use on colorfast wool or synthetic carpet... 
  • For professional use only.