VacAway Hot Knife X-Treme 1Gal

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Introducing "Hot Knife X-treme," your ultimate solution for exceptional grease-cutting and deep cleansing. This powerful detergent goes beyond the ordinary, effortlessly penetrating, breaking down, and emulsifying the stubborn oily film that traps dirt particles within your carpets and upholstery fibres.

Especially valuable for tackling "Oil-Loving" fibres like Olefin and Polyester, its intensified formula takes on the challenge of sticky residues left behind by spilled sodas and previously applied cleaning products.

But the true magic happens as it dries – "Hot Knife X-treme" undergoes a transformation, expanding and shattering into minuscule crystals that encapsulate the trapped dirt. These crystals then serve as vehicles for effortless soil removal during your routine post-vacuuming, ultimately ending up in your vacuum bag in a silty and powdery form.

Elevate your cleaning game with "Hot Knife X-treme," where powerful cleaning meets advanced encapsulation for a spotless finish.

Experience the multitude of benefits "Hot Knife X-treme" brings to your cleaning routine:

1. **Effective Grease and Grime Removal:** Unlike competitors, it effortlessly slices through tough grease, dirt, and grime, leaving no traces behind.

2. **Residue-Free:** Enjoy the confidence of ZERO sticky or dirt-attracting residue, ensuring your surfaces stay cleaner for longer.

3. **Versatile Cleaning:** Perfect for heavily soiled synthetic commercial or residential carpets, it tackles even the toughest cleaning challenges with ease.

4. **Deep Penetration:** "Hot Knife X-treme" goes beyond the surface, penetrating and emulsifying the sticky film that binds dirt to your carpet and upholstery fibers.

5. **Environmentally Friendly:** We care for the environment. With more than 99.70% readily biodegradability at use dilution, it's an eco-conscious choice.

6. **Pleasant Scent:** Enjoy a refreshing and pleasant scent during and after your cleaning process.

7. **Easy Cleanup:** It dries to a brittle state, making it a breeze to vacuum away, leaving your surfaces immaculate.

8. **Stain Resist Safe:** With a pH level of approximately 9.3 at 1:32 dilution, it's safe for stain-resistant materials.

9. **Freeze-Thaw Stability:** You can rely on its stability, even under varying temperature conditions.

Elevate your cleaning game with "Hot Knife X-treme," where effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and convenience unite for superior results.