VacAway Hel-Gel ORANGE 1Qrt

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Hel-Gel ORANGE is a citrus based gel that is quite unlike any competitive product: it WILL NOT leave a dirt attracting residue. It will dry to a crystalline powder that can be agitated and vacuumed away and is unsurpassed at removing Chewing Gum and Duct Tape Residue. 
It is also GREAT for removing Paint, Oil, Grease, Tar, Magic Marker, Mascara, Lipstick, Ink, etc. The gelled consistency helps keep the product on the fibers and out of the backing greatly reducing the possibility of delamination.



May be used on all colour fast synthetic carpet including nylon, polypropylene & polyester.  Maybe be used on commercial, residential, looped, cut pile, cut & loop, plush, etc.


  1. Test all carpeting for color fastness before applying any carpet cleaning product. 
  2. Shake well before using. Apply to a clean, white absorbent cloth and blot spot. Or apply directly to spot, sticky tape residue, etc. Blot area, working from the outside of the area towards the center.
  3. Rinse from carpet with water and blot dry.

For hardened Gum, allow 2 to 5 minutes dwell time, scrape up excess gum with a blunt object such as a bone scraper .... reapply to remove any remaining residue. Rinse from carpet with water and blot dry.

NOTE:   To keep its gel like consistency, do not allow to freeze... If freezing does occur the product is still just as effective as before; however it will be much thinner and more care will be needed to insure it does not get into the carpet backing and cause delamination. 

TIP:   To remove stubborn paint spots, work in a little Hel-Gel ORANGE being careful not to get into the carpet backing ,and allow to dwell for five to fifteen minutes. Add a bit more product, blot up dissolved paint with a towel or rinse. Remember,even if your technician forgets to rinse, Hel-Gel ORANGE will not cause a rapid re-soiling problem like other citrus based products because it dries to a crystalline powder.