Unsmoke Air Neutraliser 3.8Ltr

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Eliminates smoke and fire odors from hard surfaces and textiles.

This versatile formulation neutralizes fire, smoke and cigarette odors and removes residue that can cause odors. Use full strength, as a solution or an additive depending on the application for:

  • Interior air deodorizing
  • Neutralizing odors on burnt surfaces
  • As an additive for wall cleaning or carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • To remove cigarette odors, plus tar and nicotine residue

Apply directly with a mister or add to other cleaning agents or paint for highly effective and long-lasting odor control. 

Use Instructions

Note: Cover furniture, paintings, clothes or any objects subject to attack by solvents. Avoid overwetting.

  • FOR INTERIOR AIR DEODORIZING: Mix 170ml per litre of water. Use fine mist setting on cold fogger. Repeat treatment if necessary.
  • FOR BURNT SURFACES: Use full strength. Apply with a natural fiber brush.
  • AS AN ADDITIVE: To wall cleaning solution: use 25ml per litre. To water-based paint, use 30ml per litre. To carpet and upholstery shampoo: use 10ml per litre to cut soot and deodorize textiles.
  • FOR REMOVING CIGARETTE ODORS: Add 25ml per litre of regular cleaning solution. Will remove tar and nicotine from all surfaces. 


Air Neutralizer GHS SDS (10-01-2015)



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