Flooring Installer Technicians Kit - FTK

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Flooring Installer Technicians Kit - FTK

Compact Moisture Meter Kit For Measuring Moisture Content And Dew-point Of Concrete Floors And Slabs For Flooring Installation


The Tramex FTK is a compact kit for instant, non-destructive, quantitative moisture content testing of concrete floors and ambient conditions and is the ideal non-destructive test kit for monitoring the most crucial information at the time of installation. 

The Tramex CME5 moisture meter allows for non-destructive quantitative testing of concrete moisture content using Gravimetric testing as a baseline and comparative testing per ASTM F2659. 

The Tramex Ambient Feedback Datalogger is used for testing, monitoring and time logging relative humidity, temperature and dew point in the environment. 

The Tramex Contact Temperature Probe provides temperature readings of the floor surface. 

The Tramex Flooring Installer Tech Kit comes with an extension handle in a Tramex Easy-travel case.

 Bluetooth connectivity to the Tramex Meters App allows for visualization of readings and data reporting to mobile devices, to GeoTag test results, create, save and share photos, reports and charts, as well as see your meter screen on your phone when extending to hard to reach places.

Kit Contents

  • Concrete Moisture Encounter -  CME5. 
  • Ambient Feedback Datalogger - DL-RHTX. 
  • Free App available for Android and iOS (phone not included)
  • Contact Temperature Probe.   
  • Extension Handle.

Concrete Moisture Encounter 5 - CME5 Measuring Range:

Depth of penetration: approx. 20 mm (¾")
Moisture Content for Concrete: 0 → 6%
Carbide Method moisture content equivalent for Anhydrite: 0→ 1.9
Carbide Method moisture content equivalent for Concrete: 0 → 4

Feedback Datalogger DL-RHTX Measuring Range:

Memory: 100,000 data point entries (samples of Ambient RH and temperature; SurfaceTemperature)
Logging Rate: Logger interval adjustable between 5 minutes and 1 hour
Transmission Range: Up to 50m (165ft) line-of-sight
Bluetooth: BLE Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 compliant, Bluetooth 5 advertising

Relative Humidity Sensor specifications:

Range: 0 to 100%RH
Accuracy: ±1.5%RH Range 0% to 80%RH ±2.0%RH Range 80% to 99%RH (@ 25ºC (77ºF))
Resolution: 0.1% over the complete range
Drift: <0.25%RH per year

Temperature Sensor specifications:

Range: -40ºC to 125ºC (-40ºF to 257ºF)
Accuracy: ±0.1 °C Range 20°C to 60°C (±0.1ºF Range 68ºF to 140ºF)
Sensor Protection: PTFE Film protects sensor opening from water & dust Drift: 0.03ºC (<0.04ºF) per year
Drift: <0.03ºC (0.04ºF) per year 

Contact temperature probe (optional):

Units: ºC (ºF)
Temperature Range: -30°C to +80°C (-20°F to +175°F)
Accuracy: ±0.5°C from -10°C to +85°C (±0.9ºF from 14ºF to 185ºF) 
Resolution: 0.1% over the complete range

Specifications of Kit:

Size: 33.5cm x 24cm x 8cm (13.2” x 9.5” x 3.2”)
Weight: 1.3kg (2.8 lbs)
Power: 3 x AA batteries