ODORx Thermo 2000 Cherry 3.8Ltr

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ODORx Thermo-2000... Powerful water-based odor counteractant for thermal fogging.

Neutralizing and pairing agents work in tandem to suppress or eliminate a wide variety of tough odors. Choose the fragrance that works best with the malodors being treated.


  • Intended for use with a thermal fogging device such as the Thermo-Gen VF or Electro-Gen 2000C.
  • Select the Thermo-2000 scent based on the odor source:
    • Protein: Citrus-Lemon
    • Synthetic: Kentucky Blue Grass
    • Natural: Cherry
    • Scent Sensitivity: Fragrance-Free
  • Working with especially difficult odors? Try ProRestore's Proven Odor Removal System.