SpeedClean Condenser Needle

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Precision Coil Cleaning
Blast dirt and debris from condenser coils without damaging delicate fins with Condenser Needle. This product is designed to attach to a water hose and clean the backside of the condenser. It reaches inside most units without having to remove the fan blades and quickly cleans the entire coil bed.

  • Clean HVAC Condenser Coils in Minutes
  • Attaches to a standard water hose
  • 90cm wand easily handles most units
  • Exclusive spray tip delivers 90° spray pattern up to 11 + liters per minute
  • Adjustable chemical injection hose


The patented Condenser Needle® coil cleaning tool (Patent #9,676,007) is perfect for condenser coil cleaning if you have access to water. It quickly blasts dirt, debris, and grime from condenser coils without damaging sensitive fins. Designed to clean condenser coils from the front and back, the Condenser Needle attaches to a standard water hose and comes with everything you need to get started. This condenser coil cleaning wand delivers a unique 90° spray pattern of water and chemical cleaner – up to 3 gallons per minute. The water pressure won’t damage delicate fins and the spray angle virtually eliminates electrical trips and shorts – a common issue with power washers and spray attachments. Plus, its low profile wand slips through the top grates of most condensers, saving time from removing the top of the unit. Condenser Needle also includes an adjustable chemical injection hose for use with non-caustic, alkaline coil cleaners. Now with the Condenser Needle from SpeedClean, cleaning condenser coils are fast, easy, and efficient.


  • Rooftop AC Condenser Coil Cleaning
  • Residential AC Condenser Coil Cleaning
  • Refrigerated Vehicle Condenser Coil Cleaning


Will the Condenser Needle® damage my coils?
No! The Condenser Needle is specifically designed for thoroughly cleaning the delicate fins without damaging them. It does this by forming a unique spray pattern that never surpasses 100 PSI. Depending on the gauge of the fins and the angle of the spray, coil damage can begin occurring at only 125 PSI!
Does a dirty coil cause frosting over of the evaporator?
Yes, dirt and debris in the coil can cause frosting to occur as air flow is impeded. However, there are other reasons, such a refrigerant balancing that can also cause frosting. clean your evaporator coils to see if that makes a difference otherwise contact a licensed HVAC contractor to review your particular system.


Can you clean the evaporator coil with the Condenser Needle? 

You certainly can, however it’s designed to clean coils up to 2″ thick. It only uses the power of the water pressure you provide and flows at about 3 GPM. If you need to clean thicker coils, consider our FlowJet coil cleaner system. It’s designed to clean coils up to 8″ thick.