Bishop Specialised Rug Flushing Wand (Stainless Steel)

Regular price $715.00

This innovative rug flushing wand was specially designed to easily flush out any soil trapped within an area rug and cut down your cleaning time to about one third.

  • The rug studio wand is heavy enough to provide a squeegee action on the rug pile while at the same time generating 30-50 psi to push water through all flat weaves and most pile woven rugs.
  • It is also one of the only tools proven to be safe on very delicate or worn rugs and eliminates any fear of damage or further deterioration.
  • This wand is precisely machined to exacting standards. It operates totally on water pressure coming from the tap, has no moving parts to malfunction. 
  • Valve & hose connection not included
  • Standard 25mm BSP thread to connect your hose or tap fitting.