Space Saver Triple Solution Reel 60 Mtrs - Powder Coated Charcoal

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Heavy duty space saver triple hose reel

  • Will hold 60 mtrs of 2 inch of truckmount vacuum hose, 60 mtrs of solution hose, and 60 mtrs fresh water hose.
  • Powder coated charcoal to suit hydramaster, sapphire, prochem and most other brands of truckmount
  • Teflon bushing, no metal on metal
  • Reel locking latch included
  • Hose not included
  • 56cm wide (inc brackets and sol reels as pictured) x 114cm long x 120cm high
  • Stacker bracket and dual solution reels can be fitted to either side or other various combinations to adapt to your van layout
  • 75mtr, 90mtr and custom sizes available on request, custom pricing applies