Rota-Brush Plush Drill Brush

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We've been selling the Rota-Brush for several years. It's been a popular brush for upholstery and carpet spot cleaning. However, the bristles of those brushes required breaking-in because they were a touch too firm.


We now have a Rota Brush with softer bristles. Introducing the ROTA-BRUSH PLUSH. This new brush is ideal for upholstery cleaning without a need to break in the bristles. As always use discretion, you'll still want to be cautious working on very delicate textiles. But for the lion's share of upholstery, you're going to love the Rota-Brush Plush. Attach this brush to any drill for brushing upholstery, carpet spot cleaning, and stair scrubbing. It's an especially useful tool for high production upholstery cleaning.

  • Gentle bristles - does not require "breaking-in"
  • Attach to any cordless or corded drill
  • Sufficiently gentle for durable upholstery
  • Effective for spot cleaning/scrubbing
  • Encap scrubbing carpet in tight areas
  • Handy for stair and step cleaning (including the bullnose)
NOTE: We recommend using caution whenever working with an item that is delicate or exhibits unpredictable durability. Always test upholstery or carpet in an inconspicuous section to confirm that the fiber can withstand scrubbing. Using a variable speed drill at a lower speed setting, and/or with light head pressure, may also help to reduce possible damage.