Releasit Encap-Clean DS2 Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Detergent 5Ltr

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Releasit Encap-Clean DS2 Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Detergent

Encap-Clean DS2 is a unique low moisture encapsulation carpet detergent for high-production commercial carpet care.

Encap-Clean DS2 has set the standard in the industry for high-production encap cleaning. Highly concentrated and cost-effective. Powers through heavy soil build-ups, and leaves the carpet more soil-resistant.

Fast cleaning production rates:

  • Ideal for commercial carpet maintenance
  • Deep penetrating cleaning
  • Dries to a crystallized residue. No rinsing is required
  • Reduces wicking and recurring spill stains
  • Safe for all types of synthetic carpet fiber
  • The non-sticky residue will not attract other soil
  • Cleaning commercial carpet with Encap-Clean DS2 and a Cimex machine typically cleans at 200 - 300 square meters per hour

Releasit® Encap-Clean DS2 Dries to a Crystal:

  • When Encap-Clean DS2 dries it forms one of the best-releasing crystals in the industry.
  • A brittle crystal is produced that can be extracted from the fiber with routine vacuuming.

Contains SOILEZE Fluoro-Protector:

>There are four benefits to incorporating a Fluoro-chemical...

  • It helps the encapsulating crystal release more easily from the fiber.
  • It also lowers the surface tension of the detergent and thereby increases wetting and cleaning ability.
  • It provides great anti-wicking properties.
  • It will leave the carpet more soil-resistant.

How safe is Releasit® Encap-Clean DS2?

  • Encap-Clean DS2 is very safe to use. The only ingredient that's even required to be listed on an SDS sheet is Isopropyl Alcohol (and that evaporates away).
  • Encap-Clean DS2 has a near-neutral pH in its diluted form. So Encap-Clean DS2 is safe to use for cleaning synthetic fiber, most wool, and any other fiber that can be exposed to water.

Releasit® Encap-Clean DS2 can be used in many applications:

  • Cimex Machines
  • Cylindrical Brush CRB Machines
  • Orbital Machines
  • Rotary / 175rpm Swing Machine
  • Encap Bonnet/Pad Cleaning
  • Encap Spot Cleaning
  • Recurring Spill Treatment
  • Upholstery Brush Cleaning
  • Upholstery Encap Cleaning

Dilution rate:

  • 150ml per 4 liters (safe for most wool and all synthetic carpet fiber)
  • Cleans approximately 30 meters per 4 liters of diluted RTU solution.

Safety Data Sheet