Razorback Xtract 2200 200psi Instant Heat Portable Extractor

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Razorback Xtract 2200 200psi Instant Heat Portable Extractor

No extractor design has ever incorporated so many advanced features and patented innovations in a single design.

Razorback urges you to compare our Razorback Extract Portable Extractor side-by-side with any competitor. The conclusion is self-evident.

Our finest extractor design with 200psi Aquatec Pump, a single oversized 6.6” high-performance vacuum motor molded in a vacuum tube to eliminate any vacuum loss. Motor automatically shuts down when liquid is 9” from the vacuum inlet with our exclusive magnetic motor shut-off. The unit includes a noise-diffusing exhaust manifold and top-mounted controls just to name a few of the unique features that are standard on all our extractors.


  • Model: 12G-2200
  • Capacity/Recovery: 12 gal/45ltr
  • Vacuum: 5.7" 2-Stage Ametek Vac Dual Motors
    • Lift: 90
    • Air Watts: 486
    • CFM: 160
  • Pump: Aquatec 220psi
  • Heater: Inline heat exchange 1800 watt
  • Power Cord: Single Cord, Two Cords with optional heater
  • Weight/Shipping: 48kg inc packaging
  • Dimension/Shipping: 71cm x 49cm x 104cm
  • Wand and Hose Holder: Optional