Razorback CitraBoost Booster/Spotter 4Ltr

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CitraBoost is a powerful solvent booster and spotter that gets out tough
greasy, oily soils, It is a gentle formula that can be used on natural fibres.

Product code RP201000-4L
UN Number 1268  Poison S6  Hazchem Code 3[Y]

  • Use as an additive to boost grease-breaking power.
  • Can be used on both carpet and upholstery.
  • Excellent solution for removal of filtration-type soiling.
  • Makes a great solvent spotter for the removal of tar, grease, oil, gum and adhesives.
  • Natural citrus-based solvent with pleasant orange fragrance.
  • Low residue formula easily rinses out with HOT water
  • extraction.

Directions for Use

Prespray Booster

  1. Pretest in an inconspicuous area for colour fastness
  2. Pump-Up Sprayer: 75ml to 150ml of CitraBoost per 10 litres of RTU prespray for pump up or electric sprayers.
    In-line Sprayer: (Yellow tip 8:1) 240ml per 4.75 litres of concentrate.
  3. Prespray over area to be cleaned, agitate and let dwell for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Rinse and extract thoroughly. For heavily soiled carpet use a heavier application of prespray. Do not allow prespray to dry before extracting.
  5. Must be mixed before use in electric pump sprayers.

Gum Remover/Solvent Spotter

  1. Pre-test in an inconspicuous area for colour fastness.
  2. Remove loose or excess spill or to add penetration, rough up surface of gum with a gum scraping tool.
  3. Apply CitraBoost neatly, being careful to avoid penetration of the carpet backing.
  4. Allow 5-10 minutes dwell time.
  5. Bolt or scrape away with gum scraping tool, repeat if necessary.
  6. Rinse and extract thoroughly, or blot residue with a volatile dry solvent.

Filtration Soil Remover

  1. Mix 60ml CitraBoost plus 60ml of HotShot UHT to 1 litre of HOT water.
  2. Pre-test mixed solution in an inconspicuous area for colour fastness.
  3. Spray filtration lines and agitate with a soft brush, let dwell for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Rinse and extract thoroughly.

Safety Data Sheet